Early WMMS Staff Circa Late 1971

Left to Right:  David Spero, me, Shauna Zurbrugg, Billy Bass, Tom "Tree" Kelly, Martin Perlich


On Air at WMMS Circa 1974

I look so serious, but I was actually trying to remember where I left my hairbrush.


In WMMS Studio circa 1979

Kid Leo and  Program Director John Gorman convincing me to stop playing so much Bob Dylan and put the album back.

Back Row:  John Gorman, Bill "BLF Bash" Freeman, T.R., Ed "Flash" F

WMMS Staff Early 1980s

Back Row:  Program Director John Gorman, BLF Bash, T.R., Flash Ferenc, Jeff Kinzbach.  Front Row: Sales Executive Elizabeth Pick  Executive Assistant Rhonda Kiefer, Matt the Cat, Me, Betty Korvan, Len Goldberg, Kid Leo, Dia, Production Director Tom O'Brien, Promotion Director Jim Marchyshyn.


Me and Matt The Cat circa 1982

This was during a trip to New York City when we visited the vintage radio shop called "Waves", which is still there on West 25th Street.  


Promo Shot 1988

This was the shot sent out by WMJI when I joined the station in 1988.


Something Else Happened in 1988

I got married to Catrina.  You may remember her in Cleveland as "Brandy Kellogg" on WGCL.  She left Cleveland in the early 1980s to work on air in Osaka, Japan (she spoke fluent Japanese and French).  Was a big star over there, but got homesick and came back.  We started going out in 1987, and got married on December 10, 1988.  She gave me three, beautiful daughters, now all accomplished, grown women.  Catrina passed away in January of 2017.  I think of her every day.


WMJI Marconi Award 1997

After I left WMMS in 1986 after 15 years, and after a short stint helping to launch the original WNCX, I joined WMJI where I spend the next 13 years.  In 1996, I became the station's Program Director/Head of Operations.  The following year, the station won the National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Award for Large Market Station of the year. This was an exceptionally proud moment for me, since this award usually goes to legacy AM stations, or FM stations in New York or Los Angeles. 



WMJI Marconi Award Air Staff 1997

Left to right:  John Lanigan, John Webster, Jimmy Malone, Ravenna Miceli, me, Scott Howitt, Chris Quinn and Sandy Bennett.


With The Guy I Grew Up Listening To

That's the legendary Arnie "Woo Woo" Ginsburg who was the top rock and roll deejay in Boston from the late 1950s to the late 1960s.  He was in town for the unveiling of the "Dedicated to The One I Love" display of rock and roll deejays at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the late 1990s.  I listened to Arnie every night over WMEX and was transported into that magical world of great music served up by a great host.


Mr. Big Shot. Program Director/Operations Manager WMJI 2000.

My successful executive pose.  Just so you know that I still had my roots, that is a Jerry Garcia tie..


Cleveland Association Of Broadcasters Excellence in Broadcasting Award 2000

Kid Leo presented me the award on behalf of the Cleveland Association of Broadcasters in 2000.  The Kid won the award himself in 1994, as did station alumni Billy Bass, Jeff and Flash and John Gorman.  Pretty good company, I would say.


At Telos

In my office at Telos circa 2010 where I was Managing Director of Telos Systems and eventually Senior Sales and Marketing Strategist for the expanded Company, The Telos Alliance from 2001 to 2018.


With the Telos dealers in Europe

Got to keep that game face on when you are negotiating a price increase!


With Steve Church, Founder Telos Systems

One of the most brilliant people that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.


Live from New York, its.......

No, not really.  My brother was a long time employee at NBC in New York and I visited The Saturday Night Live set in historic studio 8H, and stood in the host spot.  The studio looks a lot smaller in person and the coveted front row seats are maybe 10 feet from the performers. 8H has only 200 seats and SNL is the hottest ticket in town.. 


Betty's Back!

Matt the Cat and I welcome Betty Korvan back to town to receive her Broadcasters' Award in 2006.  Quite a gal!


A Kool Kat.

After leaving Telos in 2018, I joined the staff of WDLW in Lorain, a suburb of Cleveland, in March of 2019.. The station features Rock and Roll and R & B from the late 1950s to the early 1980s and is called Kool Kat Oldies. I do the afternoon show Monday - Friday from 2 to 6 PM and am Program Consultant.  Being an independently owned station, I have all kinds of musical latitude and the freedom to ad lib and give some information about the music and generally have fun..  It is real radio.  Not much of it left, I'm afraid.  The stream is


Guess who?

My old pal Buzzard artist David Helton and Lyn visiting me at Kool Kat not long ago.  


WMMS Story Night at The Music Box May 2019

Left to right:  Flash Ferenc, John Gorman, your humble servant and ex-Malrite executive John "WMMS Story Night" and the Music Box Club, May 2019.  It was a sold-out event.  We told stories about the glory days of WMMS and took questions.  I was astonished.  People asked about stuff that I completely forgot about and remembered everyone on the air and everything that we did.  What an honor to be that much a part of so many peoples' lives.